About me


I’m John Parks and I love everything there is about online casinos and gambling, I started playing at online casinos five years ago and it quickly became my favorite hobby. I enjoy all games, but especially card games such as Baccarat and Poker.

As I played, I became better at it and I wanted to learn more about this field. I wanted to enter the best online casinos out there so I looked for them and gave them all a try. In the process I lost some money, but the winnings were better than the losses. Now I have only the wish to share with other people everything I have learned ever since I started out.

I work as a business analyst so I had no clue about what this industry really means and it took me quite some time to get all the information I have at present. I have read every single article I have found on the subject and I have tried many strategies in the process. It was a long and hard path so now I want to help other players as well so that they find what is easier and faster for them. As a result, I have created this blog where you will get to learn everything there is to know about gambling and online casinos.