Ten Amazing Facts About Gambling

In my research about gambling I stumbled upon some fun facts about gambling and I want to share them with you! Take a look at the astonishing info I came across as it will simply blow your mind.

1. The main airport in Las Vegas, McCarran International Airport, is the 8th busiest airport in the world. There are 850 flights a day and more than 2.5 milion visitors per month, most of them are vsiting to gamble.

2. The roullete game is also known as the Devil’s game. The name came up because if you add up all the numbers in the wheel, from 1 to 36, you will get 666, the Number of the Beast.

3. Gambling and lotteries have been used to build up public projects. One of these projects was the Great Wall of China.

4. The largest ever slot win came in Vegas. A 25-year-old engineer tried his luck and won $39,710,826.36 on Megabucks slot machine. He beat the odds of 16.7 million to one.

5. The only modern Head of State to win at a lottery is from Zimbabwe. His name is Robert Mugabe and he won 100,000 Zimbabwean dollars (about US $2,600 at the time).

6. Monegasque citizens aren’t allowed to enter the Monte Carlo Casino, although it is a major source of income for Monaco.

7. In the richest horse race in Europe, the Grand National, approximately 80 million GBP are wagered every year.

8. Richard Nixon, the former American president, funded his congressional campaign with money he won by playing cards in the second World War.

9. The largest gambling city in the world is Macau. In 2013, it brought 45.2 billion dollars from betting. Basically, the players who visit this place take one day to bet the exact sum that is wagered in Las Vegas in one week.

10. The sandwich we know today was invented by John Montagu, Earl of Sandwich, who didn’t want to leave the casino table to eat.

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